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DES Key : 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

5300 : Art + Nova 0604
5301 : dios Sports viac 0500
5302 : Canalsat Viac 0500
5303 : Canalsat HD Seca 0100
5304 : Digital+ HD 1810
5305 : Digital+ sd 0100
5306 : Cyfra+ 0100
5307 : skyit 09cd
5311 : Bis TV 0500
5316 : SKY Ger 1702

User + Pass :

USER: diosnugh
USER: dioslpp4
USER: diosk9c9
USER: diosmhbw
USER: dios871p
USER: dioswn41
USER: diosv6q6
USER: dios7tw5
USER: diosj5gm
USER: diosh0p9
USER: diosgice
USER: diosiqb2
USER: dios4h1u
USER: diossw46
USER: diosrgqb
USER: dios33wa
USER: diosffgr
USER: dios4uj3
USER: dios3e68
USER: diose1b7
USER: dios0r10
USER: dioso74b
USER: diosnqqg
USER: diosydwf
USER: diosbpgw
USER: dios05j8
USER: diosyo6d
USER: diosabbc
USER: diosv215
USER: dioskh4g
USER: diosj1ql
USER: diosunwk
USER: dios70g2
USER: diosvfjd
USER: diosux6i
USER: dios6lbh
USER: diosiwuy
USER: diosgr4l
USER: diosfaqq
USER: dioshiqe
USER: dios39g7
USER: diosroji
USER: diosq86n
USER: dios2ubm
USER: diose7u4
USER: diosc14q
USER: diosbkqv
USER: diosdsqj
USER: diosyjgc
USER: diosnyjn
USER: diosmi6s
USER: diosx5br
USER: diosahu9
USER: diosywxk
USER: diosxgkp
USER: dios93qo
USER: diosutgh
USER: diosj9js
USER: diosis6x
USER: diostfbw
USER: dios6rue
USER: diosu7xp
USER: diostqku
USER: dios5dqt
USER: dioshoab
USER: diosfjjx
USER: diose363
USER: diosgb5q
USER: dios21uj
USER: diosqhxu
USER: diosp0k0
USER: dios1nqy
USER: diosdyag
USER: diosbtj3
USER: diosac68
USER: diosck5v
USER: diosxbuo
USER: diosmqx0
USER: dioslak5
USER: dioswwq4
USER: dios99al
USER: diosxodw
USER: diosw802
USER: dios8u51
USER: diostlut
USER: diosi1x5
USER: dioshkka
USER: dioss7q9
USER: dios5jaq
USER: diostyd2
USER: diossi07
USER: dios4556
USER: diospvuy
USER: diosebxa
USER: diosdukf
USER: diosohqe
USER: dios1tav
USER: diosp9d7
USER: diosor0c
USER: dios0f5b
USER: dioscqos
USER: diosalxf
USER: dios94kk
USER: diosbck8
USER: diosw3a1
USER: dioslidc
USER: diosk20h
USER: diosvo5g
USER: dios81ox
USER: dios6uxk
USER: dios5ekp
USER: dios7mkd
USER: diossda6
USER: dioshsdh
USER: diosgc0m
USER: diosry5l
USER: dios4bo3
USER: diossqre
USER: diosraej
USER: dios3wki
USER: diosonab
USER: diosd3dm
USER: dioscm0r
USER: diosn95q
USER: dios0lo8
USER: dioso1rj
USER: diosnkeo
USER: diosy7kn
USER: diosbi45
USER: dios9ddr
USER: dios8w0w
USER: diosa5yk
USER: diosvuod
USER: dioskbro
USER: diosjtet
USER: diosuhks
USER: dios7s4a
USER: dios5ndw
USER: dios4602
USER: dios6eyp
USER: diosr5oi


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