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bein sport free servers

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DES Key : 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

4000 : Art + Nova 0604
4001 : beIN Sports viac 0500
4002 : Canalsat Viac 0500
4003 : Canalsat HD Seca 0100
4004 : Digital+ HD 1810
4005 : Digital+ sd 0100
4006 : Cyfra+ 0100
4007 : skyit 09cd

User + Pass :

USER: chamsru4
USER: chamql3q
USER: champ5pv
USER: chamqdpj
USER: chamd4fc
USER: cham2jin
USER: cham125s
USER: chamcpbr
USER: chamo1u9
USER: chammv3v
USER: chamlep1
USER: chamnnpo
USER: cham9dfh
USER: chamxtis
USER: chamwc5x
USER: cham80bw
USER: chamkbue
USER: cham8qwp
USER: cham8aju
USER: chamjwpt
USER: cham5nfm
USER: chamt3ix
USER: chamsm53
USER: cham49b2
USER: chamgluj
USER: cham41wu
USER: cham4kj0
USER: chamf7py
USER: cham1xfr
USER: champdi3
USER: chamow58
USER: cham0jb7
USER: chamcvuo
USER: cham1bw0
USER: cham0uj5
USER: chambhp4
USER: chamns9l
USER: chamlni8
USER: chamk75d
USER: chamlf51
USER: cham85ut
USER: chamwlw5
USER: chamv4ja
USER: cham7rp9
USER: chamj39q
USER: chamhxid
USER: chamgg5i
USER: chamio56
USER: cham4fuy
USER: chamsuwa
USER: chamrejf
USER: cham31pe
USER: chamfd9v
USER: cham3sc7
USER: cham3cyc
USER: chamey5b
USER: cham0pu4
USER: chamo5wf
USER: chamnojk
USER: chamybpj
USER: chambn91
USER: cham03cc
USER: chamymyh
USER: chama95g
USER: chammlox
USER: chamkfwk
USER: chamjyjp
USER: chamk7jd
USER: cham7x96
USER: chamvdch
USER: chamuvym
USER: cham6j5l
USER: chamiuo3
USER: chamgpwp
USER: chamf8ju
USER: chamhhji
USER: cham379b
USER: chamrncm
USER: chamq6yr
USER: cham2t5q
USER: chame5o8
USER: cham2kqj
USER: cham24do
USER: chamdqjn
USER: chamyh9g
USER: chamnwcr
USER: chammgyw
USER: chamx35v
USER: chamafod
USER: chamxuqo
USER: chamxedt
USER: cham91js
USER: chamur9l
USER: chamj7cw
USER: chamiqy2
USER: chamtd51
USER: cham6poi
USER: chamu5qt
USER: chamtody
USER: cham5bjx
USER: chamhm3f
USER: chamfhc2
USER: chame1y7
USER: chamf9yu
USER: cham2yon
USER: chamqfqy
USER: champxd4
USER: cham1lj3
USER: chamdw3k
USER: chambrc7
USER: chamaayc
USER: chamciy0
USER: chamx9os
USER: chammoq4
USER: chaml8d9
USER: chamwuj8
USER: cham973p
USER: chamwm61
USER: chamw6s6
USER: cham8sy5
USER: chamtjox
USER: chamiyq9
USER: chamhide
USER: chams5jd
USER: cham5h3u
USER: chamtw66
USER: chamsgsb
USER: cham43ya
USER: chamgfir
USER: chame9qe
USER: chamdsdj
USER: chame1d7
USER: cham1r30
USER: champ76b
USER: chamopsg
USER: cham0dyf
USER: chamcoiw
USER: chamajqj


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